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How we work

We are the trusted choice in premium marine metalwork. With decades of experience, our commitment to excellence is reflected in every project. Every component we forge is a custom masterpiece, an extension of your vision.

From stainless steel parts to specialized welding, we offer durable, state-of-the-art solutions. Our experts stay current with the latest trends and technologies.

Our dedication goes beyond delivery; we provide ongoing support for your peace of mind. Our passion for your satisfaction is reflected in elegant and functional metal solutions for your boat, where every nautical dream is expertly brought to life in metal.


Manufacture of Custom Parts

We create high quality custom metal and stainless steel parts to meet the needs of your vessel.


Specialized Welding

Our welding specialists are ready to tackle projects both small and large.
Whether you need repairs, modifications or the creation of new metal structures, we guarantee quality results.


Restoration of Metalwork

Our expert team will bring aged metal parts back to life, maintaining the authenticity and attractiveness of your boat.


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We elevate your boat to a unique and customized level of excellence through our specialization in marine metalwork. We start by understanding your desires and work hand in hand with you to create metal solutions that exceed your expectations.

We use the highest quality materials and apply our expertise in marine metalwork to bring your ideas to life, whether it’s fabricating custom parts or restoring metal components on classic boats.

Our commitment doesn’t stop at delivery; we offer ongoing support to ensure you can always count on us. Together, we will turn your boat into the perfect haven for unforgettable adventures at sea.

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Design and planning


Once we capture your aspirations, our metalworking experts work closely with you to achieve exceptional customization of your boat design.

Our team brings your concepts to life, enriching them with innovative and functional metal solutions.

We maintain fluid communication and involve you in every stage of the design process, ensuring that your vessel is impeccably tailored to your needs and preferences.

Material selection


Excellence is our top priority. When selecting materials for nautical metalwork, we strive to choose options that are durable, strong and aesthetically appealing. From the highest quality raw materials to the details of hardware and finishes, every choice is driven by your satisfaction and the desire to ensure that your boat combines performance and beauty.

Our commitment is to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your boat will not only radiate elegance, but will also be reliable and solid on every voyage.


Construction and restoration


Once the design is established and materials are selected, our metalworking experts get to work. Whether it’s installing metal components in your boat’s interior or creating and restoring nautical furnishings, we pursue excellence in every task.

Our meticulous attention to detail and our metalworking expertise ensure that your boat is transformed into a perfect sanctuary at sea, where you can enjoy unforgettable moments with your loved ones and friends, surrounded by exceptional quality metal parts.

“El trabajo de Carpinser ha sido un lujo, desde el trato hasta la entrega. Ahora mi embarcación luce como nunca”

Toni Salom

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Si tienes alguna pregunta o necesitas asesoramiento en proyectos de metalistería náutica nuestro equipo de expertos está disponible para responder a todas tus consultas y proporcionarte soluciones a medida.

Estamos aquí para convertir tus ideas en realidades náuticas, así que no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros en cualquier momento.

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